For King and Country

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For King and Country is immersive and interactive game-based theatre at its finest. Set in an alternate history timeline where Germany invades Britain in 1940, our shows put the audience in the driving seat of the second world war, and allow you to re-write history. 

For King and Country:1940 is set during the invasion of Britain, and the audience become the new war cabinet, making decisions that will hopefully drive the enemy from our shores. Military and domestic policy become the battleground, as audience members make key strategic decisions on the placement of troops, craft propaganda speeches to boost public morale, deal with problems of civil disorder, direct covert agents behind enemy lines, and speak directly with foreign dignitaries to try and secure aid from abroad. 

In For King and Country: 1944, Britain has been under German occupation for several years. The audience represent the leadership of the British resistance, working with the Americans and other allied forces to try and liberate the country. As American troops board landing craft in Ireland, ready to cross the water and land on British soil, the British resistance need to compile valuable intelligence and spread misinformation to cause maximum confusion amongst the German defenders. The audience organise a campaign of chaos behind enemy lines, breaking codes and falsifying orders, uncovering valuable intelligence and organising kidnappings and assassinations. 

In both shows, we offer you an opportunity to play a defining role in history, walking in the shoes of Churchill, Roosevelt and De Galle, and making high-stakes decisions that will determine the fate of millions. 

For everyone who has thought they can do a better job than most politicians, this is your opportunity to prove it. 

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